▸ The Director’s Cut of Applebaum’s Carl’s Jr commercial with Paris Hilton was found on the hard drive of Osama Bin Laden’s laptop when US Special Forces discovered it in the caves of Tora Bora.
▸ The Fountains of Wayne’s “Stacy’s Mom” music video is inspiration for Apple’s iconic iPod commercials.
▸ The ABC Network logo is inspired by Rihanna’s “Umbrella”.
▸ Chris Carter creates an episode of primetime hit X-Files based on Semisonic’s “Closing Time”.
▸ Semisonic’s “Closing Time” is first music video inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame followed by The Fountains of Wayne’s “Stacy’s Mom”.
▸ Applebaum’s Carl’s Jr starring Paris Hilton is the #1 most aired commercial in the history of television (Nielsen).
▸ 31 music videos to hit #1 on MTV. 25 MTV, MTV Europe, Billboard, and Much Music awards. 6 Grammy nominations.
▸ Guinness Book of World Records most viewed music video in history (2014).
▸ NAACP Image award for Mary J Blige “Just Fine”.
▸ MTV changes their logo for the first time in history to honor 10th Anniversary of Rihanna’s “Umbrella” video.
▸ Chapter in a college textbook (Media in Society) about Applebaum’s Carl’s Jr commercials.
▸ Applebaum’s commercial for Carl’s Jr starring Kate Upton drives a 104% increase in trac. In one week gains 120,000 new Facebook Followers (Business Insider).
▸ #1 and #6 Sexiest Commercials of All Time (CBS).
▸ Applebaum’s commercial with Ronda Rousey gains 1B media impressions in 9 days.
▸ US Magazine’s 30 Under 30 List (twice).
▸ Following the death of Osama bin Laden in2011, Applebaum’s video for Miley Cyrus “Party in the U.S.A.” video is deemed a celebratory anthem for the event (Time Magazine).